Raid skills demos

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Watching Raid skills on youtube. Mount Agung sits in the background

Raid skills demos


Whilst there aren’t a lot of individual Raid skills demos on their Youtube channel, one of the videos is a skills circuit demonstrated by Paul Toomer, which contains many of the typical tech diving skills in it. The skills are performed slowly and clearly, with each step outlined. The only part of it that I found confusing was the valve drill; there seemed to be more hand signals than actual steps! But overall, the content is pretty good.


The description at the bottom of the skills circuit makes a very good point, the camera is turned on and the skills are performed. There is no editing or retakes to get the perfect demonstration. This makes it a bit more realistic and “real world”. Similarly, with my own skills demos filmed in Bali (click here), there was a constant up, down, and sideways current. This is what will happen on a course and certainly when not on a course. Emergency situations rarely happen in perfect conditions with good visibility!


When doing a course, you’re not being assessed on the finess of your movements, you’re being assessed on your ability to undertake the task effectively. A little bit of clumsiness is to be expected. More practice irons errors out so that you will eventually follow the correct steps smoothly.


Information on Raid courses can be found here.

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