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Viewing Swedtech skills on a laptop, as Bali's Mount Agung sits in the background just prior to sunset

SwedTech skills


SwedTech Diving is a DIR agency that was started by Michael Bergström in Sweden in 2003. It’s much smaller compared with, say GUE, and is not at all active online, though they do have a YouTube channel. They are much more focused on the Swedish market. As such, there may be more SwedTech skills available online that would not show up in a Google search in English.


I like these videos for a number of reasons. Each step is accompanied by text, and he does the steps slowly enough to get a good explanation of the skill. He is also wearing dry gloves. Also, whilst the divers in most of the other skills demos are wearing drysuits, few are wearing drygloves. It’s good to see how the skills are done when wearing them. Finally, in the first video, he wears the exact same drysuit as me! It’s a great colour for being visible to your team during a dive.


SwedTech skills demos that have been posted to YouTube have been compiled below.


If you know of any other skills demos on YouTube that are not listed here, I’d be grateful if you could let me know, and I will add them.

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