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Technical diving student practising twinset skills during a shallow non-deco dive

Twinset skills & tutorial videos


Of all the skills demonstrations on the internet, most are done on a twinset. Even with the increasing popularity of sidemount, twinset diving is still the most popular method for technical diving. I will add more twinset skills videos when I’m able to film them. These skills are not intended to be used as teaching aids, you must do a technical diving course for that. Instead, they are intended to help already qualified tech divers to refresh some things that they may have forgotten, or even see different approaches to how they may have been taught.


I have to say also, it was very tempting to add in some terrible examples of tech skills. Although arguably, this is as useful a teaching aid as well-done skills demos, I decided in the end that it wasn’t very fair to single out a particular person, dive centre, or dive agency. If you want to see such examples for yourself, they are quite easy to find on YouTube.

For the skills demos that I filmed (above), the currents in Bali made things a little more interesting, constant sideways and up and down currents that change direction by the second. This is not so bad on open circuit, but it makes things slightly more challenging on a rebreather. As you’ll see in some of the clips, ocean surges were common when filming in Bali. All of which adds some realism to the videos, compared with being in a pool.


You can view the videos as playlists below, or if you’d rather, directly on my YouTube channel. If you’ve found any good videos that aren’t shown here, contact me and I will add them.

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