Sidemount skills & tutorial videos

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Sidemount skills & tutorial videos


Considering how much sidemount has exploded in popularity within the last 10 years, there aren’t that many high-quality sidemount skills and tutorial videos. There are occasional good skills demos from dive centres here and there, but the person that stands out is Tomasz Michura at Sidemount Silesia.


Tomasz does a lot of messing around with 6 and 8 tanks. Obviously, it’s unpracticable and not realistic to dive with that many cylinders on a dive, he’s just playing around with sidemount to see what it can and can’t do. He’s not blatantly trying to draw you in to do a course with him. He also comes across as a positive and nice guy, who has taken a lot of crap from the armchair diving community. The tech diving world needs more like him.


In case you may not have heard, sidemount diving is fun. You can have hours of fun messing around with buoyancy, and if you have access to restricted spaces, such as doorways and hatches on some of the shallow safer wrecks that have been sunk as artificial reefs, it’s great to practice pushing through with a tank in front. Although it’s perhaps not a good idea to do that in a deep dark wreck with more obvious hazards.

Simplified skills


Sidemount diving simplifies technical diving skills, especially those associated with gas management. For example, with a shutdown drill or a free-flowing regulator the cylinder valves are in front of you rather than behind your head, so it’s much easier to manipulate them than on a twinset.


More sidemount videos will be added as they are found. If you’d prefer to view them on YouTube, view them on my YouTube channel.  If you know of any videos that are not listed, contact me.

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