Technical diving websites

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Technical diving websites

Below are some of the more prominent technical diving websites. In terms of personal blogs, some are more regularly updated than others. But there are plenty of existing posts to keep you busy. Diving forums are places where rabbit holes begin. On Scubaboard especially, some of the world’s eminent decompression and diving physiology researchers post and reply to queries, and they can be very useful in making difficult subjects accessible to the layperson.


There are also some excellent articles spread among the diving magazines, inDepth, X-ray Mag, Advanced Diver Magazine, and Tech Diving Magazine all have great content. Sadly some of those are no longer being published, but luckily back issues remain online.


There aren’t many purely tech-oriented Youtube channels, but Dr Richard Harris, known for the Thai cave rescue has some great content of deep cave diving. Likewise, Arctic Ice Divers have some interesting content about their mine diving activities. Other than those, some of the podcasts are interesting. My Youtube channel has a collection of playlists on different tech diving topics, which you can view here, or browse by category within this website- Skills and tutorials, decompression theory & physiology, or diving documentaries.


For diving medicine and human factors in diving, there is a huge selection of articles, especially on the Diver’s Alert Network blog- Alert Diver, and Gareth Lock’s website, the Human Diver.


If there are any useful sources that are not listed, please contact us.

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