Technical diving websites

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Technical diving websites

Below are some of the more prominent technical diving websites. In terms of personal blogs, some are more regularly updated than others. But there are plenty of existing posts to keep you busy. Diving forums are places where rabbit holes begin. On Scubaboard especially, some of the world’s eminent decompression and diving physiology researchers post and reply to queries, which helps to make difficult subjects accessible to the layperson.


There are also some excellent articles spread across the diving magazines, inDepth, X-ray Mag, Advanced Diver Magazine, and Tech Diving Magazine all have great content. Sadly some of those are no longer being published, but luckily back issues remain online.


There aren’t many purely tech-oriented YouTube channels, but Dr Richard Harris, known for the Thai cave rescue has some great content of deep cave diving. Likewise, Arctic Ice Divers have some interesting content about their mine diving activities. Other than those, some of the podcasts are interesting. My YouTube channel has a collection of playlists on different tech diving topics, which you can view here, or browse by category within this website- Skills and tutorials, decompression theory & physiology, or diving documentaries.


There is a large selection of diving medicine and human factors in diving articles, especially on the Diver’s Alert Network blog- Alert Diver, and Gareth Lock’s website, the Human Diver.


If any useful sources are not listed, please let me know.

Diving magazines

Advanced Diver magazineLots of interesting articles on tech diving.

X-ray magSimilar to advanced diver mag, lots of interesting articles.

AquaCORPS Magazine Back catalogue of articles hosted on X-ray Mag

Sport diverGeneral scuba diving.

Tech diving magazineSadly no longer being published, but thankfully someone created this site and put them all online.

Diver mag Contributions from numerous authors on a variety of tech diving subjects.

Scuba diving General scuba diving.

inDepth- Diving magazine founded by Jarod Jablonski and Michael Menduno

Blogs- personal and commercial

Doppler’s tech diving blog- Personal blog of Steve Lewis. Lots of good info.

Cave diver Harry- Some candid information on dive training and diving procedures. Articles on all kinds of tech diving-related subjects.

John Clark online- Information on diving medicine about rebreathers.

Shearwater blog- A lot of good information on diving algorithms and other tech subjects.

TDI Blog- A wide range of technical diving articles from numerous authors.

PADI TecRec blog- Archive of tech-related articles.

Scuba Tech Philippines- Numerous tech diving-related articles.

Fit to Dive blogInformation on mental health for divers, and dealing with traumatic incidents in diving.

Frog Kick Diving- Website of UTD instructors, with useful info on how to rig a tank and other DIR setups. Fascinating collection of information relating to rebreather diving

The Theoretical Diver- the personal blog of physicist and diver Robert Helling.

Wreck site- The world’s largest database of wrecks- over 200,000, with over 180,000 GPS coordinates. If you want the coordinates you have to pay, but otherwise there is a wealth of information about the wrecks.

Rod MacDonald- Author of numerous books about shipwrecks, including Truk Lagoon and Scapa Flow.

Sump UK- Andrew Goring designs and sells his own sidemount system and related accessories> He also designs harnesses for rebreathers. Worth checking out if you take your sidemount seriously.

All Things Diving ATD- Website with useful calculators for MOD, SCR, EAD and others. It also has a list of service manuals for various equipment such as regulators.

Podcasts and youtube channels

Speaking sidemount- Podcast initially focusing on sidemount, but discusses technical diving in general also.

Scuba GOAT- General scuba podcast by Matt Waters

Inner space explorers- youtube channel mostly focusing on technical diving.

The Technical Diver- Based in Norway and Antarctica, I’ll be posting new videos soon.

Dive Talk- They watch diving clips and i̶r̶r̶i̶t̶a̶t̶e̶ m̶e̶  wax lyrical about them.

Global Underwater Explorers- Official channel of GUE.

Arctic Ice Divers- Group of Finnish cave and mine divers.

Richard Harris- Tech diver, diving physician and anaesthetist.

Rod MacDonald- Writer who specialises in shipwrecks. Good videos about the wrecks of Truk Lagoon and Scapa Flow.

Diving medicine

Diver’s Alert Network- DAN’s diving blog, useful information on diving physiology and research.

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal- Access to back issues of the DHMJ archive.

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society- Access to back issues of their journal.

DDRC- Numerous articles answering a variety of medical related questions.

Human factors in diving

The Human Diver blog- Lots of thought provoking articles on human factors in diving by Gareth Lock.

Psychological skills for divers- Articles on the psychology of diving and human factors by Matt Jevon.

Fit to Dive- Website to help divers with mental, emotional & physical wellbeing for diving.

Diving forums Info specifically for rebreather divers.

Scubaboard- Lots of arguments and online wars of attrition, but in between all that some useful discussions and information.

The Dive Forum- Lot of useful info, more UK oriented in terms of information on dive sites.

Yorkshire Divers- Buy and sell equipment, and an active dive forum.

Popular technical diving equipment manufacturers/suppliers

Technical diving books

Tech diving skills & tutorials