Diving documentaries

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Diving documentaries


My YouTube channel has a growing number of diving-related documentaries, set as playlists. Some are in multiple parts, you’ll need to follow the link to the next part on YouTube. If you watch the documentaries from within this page, click on the top right-hand corner to the right of where it says “share”. You’ll see numbers such as 16/18. Click on that and all the video titles in the playlist will be shown. Alternatively, click on the YouTube logo in the bottom-right corner, and it will take you to the playlist on YouTube.


Documentaries are split into technical diving and general diving. Some clips are in both. I’ve also highlighted a list of good documentaries that are unavailable on YouTube at the bottom of this page.


Of all the documentaries available, a few stand out as essential viewing. Diving into the Unknown is a very well-put-together film, that outlines an incident that occurred during a cave dive in the Plura cave system, which lies on the border between Finland and Norway. It’s an extraordinarily sad story that highlights the risks associated with diving at a high level. Of course, mistakes were made in the planning of execution of the dive, but the participants are very candid about them. The subsequent story of a group of friends that decide to plan a dive to recover the bodies of their friends is riveting, as is the underwater footage that was captured. Definitely worth a watch.

The second documentary that I particularly enjoyed is Hitler’s lost sub. It follows John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, as they seek to identify a U-boat off the east coast of the US. It’s a very famous story within diving circles and the film goes through some of the history of German U-boats during the war.


Another favourite of mine is a BBC documentary called Shipwrecks: Britain’s sunken history. Although it’s not a film about diving, It has such a lot of amazing information in it, I found it fascinating and it helped to affirm why I love diving wrecks so much.


If you know of any other documentaries that are not listed here, I would be grateful if you could contact me.

Essential viewing not on Youtube


The hunt for Lady Olive and the German submarine

Due to be aired on the BBC in June, visit the documentary website here.

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