Human factors articles

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Two divers enjoying a break from reading human factors articles during their TDI advanced wreck class

Human factors articles


There are some good human factors articles here that offer a good introduction to the subject. If you have never heard of it before, human factors is a term that describes how cognitive properties of individuals influence systems that they are involved with. The point of applying human factors to things like diving, is to look at the system as a whole to see how it can be designed in a way that will reduce human error.


It’s pretty obvious how this applies to technical diving. Divers like Gareth Lock in the UK have done a lot to try and increase diver safety. Gareth runs a company called the Human Diver, which offers workshops and online classes on human factors. It’s becoming more and more a part of technical diving.


If you know of any articles that are missing but should be in here, let me know.

The human diver- blog by Gareth Lock


Joining Dots is Easy, Especially If You Know the OutcomeGareth Lock

My Biggest Mistake: Context Driving Behaviour- Gareth Lock

“Blame is the enemy of safety” – moving from blaming to learning Gareth Lock

Challenger Safety: As an Instructor, don’t I lose control?-Gareth Lock

How and Why Checklists Work- Gareth Lock

CCR pre-dive checks and checklists are not always enough to prevent an equipment-based accident!- Gareth Lock

How safe is your diving?- Gareth Lock

The Importance of Decision Making in Setting Goals: Ensuring “The Juice is worth the Squeeze”- Gareth Lock

Why ‘They should have’, ‘…could have’ or ‘I would have..’ do not improve diving safety- Gareth Lock

The Bend is Uninteresting…The Related Decisions Are Much More So- Gareth Lock

Outcomes are so sexy and attractive…- Gareth Lock

The best is the enemy of the good Gareth Lock

Predictive Profiling & diving: “what deviates, deserves attention!” Gareth Lock

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!Gareth Lock

Counter-errorism in Diving: Applying Human Factors Training to Recreational Diving- Gareth Lock

How to conduct effective pre-dive checks on a busy dive boatGareth Lock

Making sense now to see what the future might bring- Gareth Lock

If A=B and B=C, then why A≠C?- Gareth Lock

From an acorn to a two-day global virtual conference in four months!- Gareth Lock

“The root cause of an accident is our imagination”- Gareth Lock

The Importance of Experience: Expertise is different to ExperienceGareth Lock

We see what we think we’re looking for- Gareth Lock

How to Integrate Human Factors Education into a New Diving Class: A Real World Example- Gareth Lock

You can’t pay MORE attention: the myth of ‘loss of situation awarenessGareth Lock

When The Rescuer Nearly Needs Rescued! – Task Fixation Gareth Lock

Risk of diving fatality is 1:200 000. However, you cannot be a fraction of dead…!-Gareth Lock

Are you a good enough diver?- Gareth Lock

The Dirty Dozen – Part 1- Gareth Lock

When the holes line up…- Gareth Lock

Dive safety leads to nothingness…and nothingness is unemotive!-Gareth Lock

Safety is not_the_priority-Gareth Lock

Healthcare: can healthcare learn from the US forest service?-Gareth Lock

“Human Error” or “Diver Error”: Are they just an easy way of blaming the individual?Gareth Lock

Incompetent and unaware. You don’t know what you don’t know..-Gareth Lock

It’s the little things that catch you out-Gareth Lock

What relevance does Human Factors have to recreational and technical diving?-Gareth Lock

A just culture-what the SEWOL ferry disaster can do to help improve diving performance and safety-Gareth Lock

Big data- use as a predictor? or not?-Gareth Lock

Violations are common: so don’t be surprised when people break rules-Gareth Lock

Anyone could have done that!-Gareth Lock

ESRC learning from incidents seminar: research to practise-Gareth Lock

Root cause analysis- Kelvin TOPSET senior investigator course- Gareth Lock

How much are you willing to risk?-Gareth Lock

Considering the cultural portability of intervention methods-Gareth Lock

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