Human factors articles

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Two divers enjoying a break from reading human factors articles during their TDI advanced wreck class

Human factors articles


There are some good human factors articles here that offer a good introduction to the subject. If you have never heard of it before, human factors is a term that describes how cognitive properties of individuals influence systems that they are involved with. The point of applying human factors to things like diving, is to look at the system as a whole to see how it can be designed in a way that will reduce human error.


It’s pretty obvious how this applies to technical diving. Divers like Gareth Lock in the UK have done a lot to try and increase diver safety. Gareth runs a company called the Human Diver, which offers workshops and online classes on human factors. It’s becoming more and more a part of technical diving.


If you know of any articles that should be included, let me know.

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