Scuba diving articles by The Technical Diver

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 Scuba Diving Articles by The Technical Diver


My scuba diving articles cover a range of different topics. The TDI articles go into more detail and are more oriented to technical diving. The Scuba Diver Life articles are much broader and firmly aimed at novice scuba divers. I stopped writing for Scuba Diver Life a while ago because I felt the editing sanitised the pieces too much. I’ll add any new articles I write here from now on.


Please contact me if there are any particular topics you’d like to read about.

TDI articles


TDI articles on their blog are generally very useful as a talking point on tech courses. I did receive some positive feedback on the decompression series of articles, but like anything, if I had to write them all over again, they would be different.

Scuba Diver Life articles


Scuba Diver Life articles kept me out of trouble when I lived in Iceland. They are aimed at less experienced recreational divers, and cover a range of different topics.

Technical diving articles

Tech diving skills & tutorials