Innerspace Explorers skills demos

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Viewing Innerspace Explorers skills on a laptop, as Bali's Mount Agung sits in the background just prior to sunset

Innerspace Explorers skills demos


Innerpace Explorers (ISE) was formed by Achim Schlöffel in 2008. He was previously a GUE instuctor. He has been very active on the ISE Youtube channel, with regular video content being uploaded to a growing audience. The videos have been collated below, and include skills demos, tutorials, and a lot of discussion about various tech diving topics. The Innerspace Explorers skills demos are done in warm water with good visibility. As such, they are very clear to follow and are performed slowly.


For his tutorials, Achim is quite unashamedly opinionated. Whilst you may not always agree with him, many of the topics he discusses can be good discussion points for instructors teaching technical diving courses. The other dive agencies could learn a thing or two from him about what kind and how much content to put online.


Skills such as gas switching and cleaning up are also good for decompression procedures students to see, so they have an idea of what’s involved when advancing to trimix.


If you do find any good clips on youtube, please let me know.

Innerspace Explorers skills demos


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