SSI XR skills

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Viewing SSI XR skills on youtube on a laptop. Mount Agung in Bali is in the background at sunset.

SSI XR skills


Of all the tech training agencies, SSI has the most extensive collection of skills online (closely followed by TDI). The SSI XR skills posted on their YouTube channel are done slowly and are easy to follow. However, you might want to turn the sound down or you’ll be dreaming about the music for days!


Having said that, a couple of the other videos I found are not so good. Considering they are performed by SSI XR instructors, you have to wonder why they thought it was a good idea to post them, rather than do a quick retake.


A recurring bugbear for me is present- the valve drill. As soon as the valves are manipulated the head goes down. Even worse, when demonstrating mask removal, as soon as the mask is off the instructor sinks down and firmly crashes on the bottom of the pool. Then carries on as if it’s part of the skill and not the very thing you should be avoiding. I try not to be too critical with things like this, but come on, you are demonstrating how a skill should be done, not the way it shouldn’t!


But in the interest of balance, the majority of the skills performed are very good, and provide a baseline for newly qualified tech divers.


Information on SSI XR courses can be found here.


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