GUE skills demos

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GUE skills demos


There aren’t many GUE skills demos on Youtube. Most of GUE’s online content comprises of short tutorials. If you want to see dive skills in detail you will have to pay for them via the website. The skills that are on Youtube come from their fundamentals class, and form the foundation of core skills that you would be taught. These are regulator purge, regulator switch, s-drill, mask clear, and mask remove and replace.


No matter which GUE instructor you learn from, you will be taught GUE skills in the same way. The logic behind this is that anywhere you dive in the world, if you dive with a GUE diver you know that your buddy has the exact same understanding of how emergency procedures such as sharing gas will be done. This consistency adds a layer of safety to a potentially dangerous situation, and it makes a lot of sense to me.


The only negative that is a consistent thing for me, is that I really wish divers (especially instructors) would wear brightly coloured gloves, or at least have an awareness that dark coloured gloves against a dark coloured drysuit or wetsuit mean it can be very difficult for a diver to understand your hand signals. My drygloves are bright orange!


If you do find any GUE skills demos that are not listed here, I’d be grateful if you could let me know.




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