Rebreather articles

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CCR diver facing the camera at 60m 180ft). ccr articles allow divers like these to increase their knowledge of ccr diving to enhance their safety

Rebreather articles


It’s surprisingly difficult to find good rebreather articles. There are plenty of comparison articles on, for example, the JJ-CCR versus the Revo, but many are quite old. It’s also a shame that the rebreather manufacturers aren’t more proactive about promoting their products. The exception is AP Diving, which does have some information on its website. You can view videos about rebreather diving here, including tutorials, equipment set-ups and discussions.


If there are any articles that you’ve come across that I could put on here, I’d be grateful if you could let me know.

General rebreather articles

Extreme survival: a serious technical diving accident- Barbara Trytko and Simon Mitchell

The first deep rebreather dive using hydrogen: case report- Harris RJ, Challen CJ, Mitchell SJ.

Improving diver safety, Rebreather Forum 3 (pt 1)- Michael Menduno.

Rebreather diving- killing them softly, Rebreather Forum 3 (pt 2)- Michael Menduno.

Creating a safety culture, Rebreather Forum 3 (pt 3)- Michael Menduno.

Engineering the CCR blues away, Rebreather Forum 3 (pt 4)- Michael Menduno.

PCO2, the dark matter of rebreather diving, Rebreather Forum 3 (pt 5)- Michael Menduno.

Dive-by-wire?, Rebreather Forum 3 (pt 6)- Michael Menduno.

A Learner’s Guide To Closed-Circuit Rebreather Operations-Richard Pyle

A literature review of disinfectants- The rebreather

Why so many deaths.. What’s the real story behind 18 deaths on rebreathers in 2010?- Doppler’s tech diving blog

Should rebreather divers pre-breathe test their rebreathers prior to a dive?- Shearwater research

Diluent Dilemma and the Future of Rebreather Training- Marc Crane

Descriptive Epidemiology of 153 Diving Injuries With Rebreathers Among French Military Divers From 1979 to 2009- Gempe, Louge, Blatteau & Hugon.

Increasing the probability of surviving loss of consciousness underwater when using a rebreather- Haynes. Research paper about gag straps.

Increasing The Probability Of Surviving Loss Of Consciousness Underwater When Using A Rebreather- InDepthMag. Review of Hayne’s paper.

A Comparison of CE Test Data for two Closed Circuit Rebreathers- Joseph’s Diving Log.

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Diving incident reports

Technical diving articles