UTD skills

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Watching UTD skills on a laptop, as Bali's Mount Agung sits in the background just prior to sunset

UTD skills

Unified Team Diving (UTD) was formed by Andrew Georgitsis and Jeff Seckendorf in 2008. Andrew was formerly a GUE instructor. There aren’t that many actual UTD skills demonstrations, but a couple of them are quite long and go through numerous skills, so they are worth watching.


In spite of not having many skills on their YouTube channel, UTD is quite active online. They regularly post tutorials on diving procedures, along with specific content about twinsets, and the UTD sidemount and rebreather systems. They also have a podcast where they interview guests from across the diving community. A notable episode is with Dr Simon Mitchell about decompression theory.


Some of their tutorials are excellent resources, such as how to size up a harness, and how to set up a twinset the DIR way. The skills demo that is 1 and a half hours long is quite old now. Without doing a UTD course, I couldn’t say if they have updated how they do things or not. But they are pretty standard DIR skills so I would doubt it.


If you find any good clips on YouTube or Vimeo, please let me know.

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