Technical diving articles

Technical diving articles


Here’s a growing compilation of technical diving articles. Papers from academic institutions such as the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society are not usually released until one year after publication. Links to these publications will normally take you to their website and show the abstract. There may or may not be an option to download a PDF version.


It may be useful for you to have a look through each category because there are some articles that don’t fit neatly under one heading. I’ve tried to put them where I think they should live but it’s not always clear cut.


Another example is articles that overlap into two specific areas, e.g. physiology of CCR diving. In these cases, I have put them in both categories. You can see this with Dr Simon Mitchell’s 5-part series on carbon dioxide.


If you know of any interesting articles not listed here, I would be grateful if you could let me know.

Header image photo credit: Don McFadden

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