Diving equipment articles

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Diving equipment articles help divers to set up their equipment properly, such as the sidemount regulators shown in the image.

Diving equipment articles


There used to be very limited choice when it came to technical diving equipment. Nowadays many brands have their own version of a wing and the options for sidemount harnesses are increasing every year. There is little point in adding any articles that review diving equipment, as there are just so many clickbait “diving” websites out there that pretend to be involved in diving.


With technical diving equipment, there are a few companies that put all their energy into producing well-designed products. That list is slowly growing and there is now a lot of choice when it comes to choosing robust and reliable equipment. Of course, brand loyalty is very strong and no two tech divers will agree on what the best regulator or wing is. For example, all the drysuit manufacturers go out of their way to add new features and styles to their suits in order to be ahead of the competition. But all drysuits have one main job, to keep you dry, and at some point, every single one of them will leak.


When it comes to manuals, where do you start, there are so many. If you just think of the number of regulator and drysuit manufacturers out there, it would be an impossibly long list. So only the most popular technical diving product manuals are listed.


I would like to start reviewing equipment, but there are two problems with that. One, there are so many and companies are constantly bringing new products out. Two, I wouldn’t want to review something that I haven’t tried, and I don’t have the money (or space) to buy 30 or more drysuits. Instead, I will at some point just outline what each piece of equipment does, and offer up the pros and cons of each type.


If you know of any articles that discuss equipment configurations that are missing but should be in here, please let me know.

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