Rebreather skills demos & tutorials

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Diver practising their rebreather skills. In this image buoyancy. The diver has just started their dive at Silfra Fissure in Iceland.

Rebreather skills demos & tutorials


There are far fewer rebreather skills demos than with sidemount and twinset diving. This is largely because, although rebreather diving has become much more popular in the last 10 years, it’s still a much smaller branch of the sport than standard recreational diving. Yet its share within tech diving circles has markedly increased over the years. Go to any reputable technical diving centre nowadays, and you might observe that half of the divers are on rebreathers.


When searching for rebreather videos on youtube, I noticed that there are so many videos introducing rebreathers by channels that have little to do with diving. Avoid them like the plague, they are clickbait plain and simple.


So in some ways, it’s surprising that there are so few videos on rebreather skills. There are however, a lot of tutorials, especially about setting them up and talking through how a particular brand works-and there are many brands on the market. AP Diving have some interesting information on its website. You’ll also find that some presentations and discussions on decompression theory and diving physiology are more oriented towards rebreathers.


My experience of rebreather diving is that every instructor has their own take on a given skill, but that’s more in the detail that is hard to pick up from a video. The skills themselves follow the same overall process. If you are already certified on a rebreather, they will make a lot more sense than if you are an open circuit diver that’s curious about rebreather diving.


The skills demo videos have been compiled as playlists and can be viewed below. But if you’d rather watch them on Youtube, click here.


If you know of any skills demos that are not shown on my playlists, I’d be grateful if you could contact us.

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Rebreather Forum 4

Rebreather forum 4 took place in Malta in April 2023. Videos of the presentations are still being slowly put online, but some of them can be viewed on the website.


Here is the link:

DAN Rebreather Forum 3.0

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