Scuba diving book for non-divers

photo of the author of scuba diving book, scuba diving- a short guide to open water training

Scuba diving book for non-divers

A scuba diving book written for non-divers: Scuba Diving- a short guide to open water training, was written to provide concise information on how to get certified as a scuba diver.


It’s a short guide that tells you what it takes to become a certified open-water diver and discusses what you need to consider before taking the open-water course. You’ll learn the requirements for joining a class, how long the course normally takes, what’s covered in each section of the course, and understand what questions to ask when talking to a dive centre.


The book covers the following topics:


– Why you might want to learn to scuba dive
– An explanation of what scuba diving involves
– The requirements for learning to dive
– An outline of the risks of scuba diving
– What other options are available, such as a try dive
– What the open water course qualifies you to do
– What a scuba diver certification qualifies you to do
– Scuba certifications for children
– Approximate cost of an open water course
– Medical requirements for diving
– What if you have anxiety?
– Length of an open water course
– Do the course part-time or full-time
– Which organisations certify you
– The differences between dive training providers
– What those differences mean for you
– A breakdown of what’s taught during an open water course
– Choosing a scuba diving instructor
– Questions to ask prospective dive instructors
– Advice on choosing a dive centre

– A breakdown of scuba equipment
– What to do if you don’t dive for a long time
– What further scuba training is available
– Considerations for cold water diving
– Other types of diving
– Useful links.


It’s an invaluable reference for anyone thinking of taking an open-water course.


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